Today, people are tremendously using smartphones to satisfy their purposes. Majority of them from all over are Android users, so many organizations brought their Android softwares into the market and are currently generating substantial income by operating their businesses through these mobile apps. 

Numerous technologies are present that are currently not preferred for usage in the daily life of users, but in the near future, with a push of some improvements, they possess enough potential to change the lives of people drastically. Moreover, the applications built on Android are on top of all demands because most users prefer to utilize Android software to fulfill their requirements on a daily basis.

According to an analysis of 2022, the number of applications on a play store has been reported to have a steady increase. About 2.65 million apps were found by latest on Jun 2022, which is a rise in number compared to the previous quarter of same year. Thus, by observing these figures, you, as an entrepreneur, might be motivated to build your Android software for your venture. 

So, here are some names of companies listed from where you can appoint Android programmers by considering some skills required for creating your business applications mentioned. By referring to them in detail, you will receive information about each firm in detail which would help you in choosing them to hire Android coders.

Firms to Check Out For Hiring Android Coders

If you, as an entrepreneur willing to build Android software for your business, then here are a few technology partners listed below that would help you get suitable applications for your venture.

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is the most preferred destination for startup owners to hire Android programmers to create applications for their enterprises. Furthermore, they have a development staff of 100+ employees working on different technologies; hence you, as an entrepreneur, can hire Android coders from this company for your next project. Also, it possesses an experience of 10+ years, so it is sure that you will receive the finest software created according to your requirements.


MindTrust is a leading company providing the best development service to its clients for their ventures to survive the market. The firm has a team of excellent and dedicated coders comfortable working with various tech stacks and capable of serving you the desirable outcomes, so you can hire Android programmers to create top-notch quality applications for your enterprise. Furthermore, they are operating their business from 6 different continents, which provides you, as a startup owner, the options to appoint Android developers from particular locations according to your convenience.


If you are looking to hire Andoird coders for creating your venture's application, then Zazz seems to be the prime alternative. Moreover, the firm has a team of 275+ employees, inclusive of developers working on numerous platforms. It has deployed 397 apps and possesses a client satisfaction ratio of 95%, which assures you that you will get exceptional software developed by appointing Android programmers from this company. In addition, it has been awarded by many reputed organizations for its service to customers.


peerbits - a perfect place to appoint Android coders for building your business software. It has a team of 180+ in-house programmers who are experienced and dedicated enough to deliver practical applications by thoroughly understanding the requirement of your enterprise. Moreover, the firm has accomplished 750+ projects and has a client satisfaction rate of 92%, which says that you will get desirable software for your venture created by hiring its Android developers.


Aglowid seems to be a perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking to appoint Android programmers. The company has come up with a vision of serving innovative and helpful 

applications that give an edge over the competition to ventures in the market. Furthermore, a firm is renowned for providing solutions/software regarding any market sector to its clients by using specific tech stuff demanded by them.

So, these were some of the technology partners from where you can hire Android developers to create the application for your business. Now, you should appoint coders by analyzing the skills mentioned in the below section. 

Skills to Consider For Hiring Android Developers

Here are some skill sets mentioned below while appointing Android programmers to create the applications for your enterprise. Refer to each of them that might help you to hire coders working on Android.

Must Be Aware of Java

Along with hiring Android developers, make sure that they should also possess a solid knowledge of Java programming language. It would assist you in eliminating a need for native development, as the coder appointed by you is capable of working on Java's complex and arduous code blocks.

Sound Technical Knowledge

While hiring them, you need to check whether they have sufficient knowledge of XML coding, Android studio, APIs, and many other tools. It would assist you in getting a suitable application ready by consuming minimal development time, as by using them, they would be able to access specific shortcuts and can create software compatible with any device.

Problem Solving Skills

The developers you are looking to hire should be capable enough to solve the errors popping up in Android applications created by them. To check whether they can solve the bugs or not, you need to give them a set of problems and see how they clear them. Then, you should appoint the ones who pass through all your obstacles for your next project.

Thus, the following skill sets should be considered while hiring Android developers to build software for your enterprise. It would assist you in getting the appropriate application created for your business. Besides this, the combination of technology and business is formed, for which there is an intense demand among people. So, there are many ways to integrate tech stuff with ventures that might help you as a startup owner to digitize your trade.

Parting Words

Today, applications compatible to run on the Android operating system are on a terrific roll. Because the majority of users from all over prefer to utilize them. So by witnessing such a huge potential audience for particular OS apps, you can grab an opportunity by hiring Android developers possessing specific skills stated earlier in this post. They can get you Android software created for your business; along sides, running a venture digitally can assist your enterprise in gaining significant conversions within a shorter period, probably.